Welcome to the Montrose Singles web page

The Montrose Singles is a fun and safe way to meet other
singles from the Akron and surrounding areas. Get togethers
are on Friday nights from 8-10 PM unless another time for a
meeting is given. The Montrose Singles Group meets at 565 N.
Cleveland-Massillon Rd in Montrose, Ohio.

Montrose singles is a great opportunity for singles. There are
many reasons why someone ends up living alone. They may have
never married. They might be divorced or widowed. However,
meeting other singles is not always as easy as it might seem.
While living alone may be fine for some, being able to share
social activities with others is still preferable to most.

The biggest roadblock to socializing when you find yourself
alone is finding others like yourself to do activities with. Most
of our singles got tired of trying to find new friends or quality
dates in online dating sites that rely on pictures, most of
which are old pictures and half truths in the profile.

The purpose of our group is to have a fun and safe way to
make new friends in a warm atmosphere. We’re not a dating
service, however many people have become couples through
the group over the years, and it has had some marriages, but
the friendships came first.

Some weeks there are meetings, other weeks feature an
activity. The group has dinners, dances, discussions,
workshops, they may play putt putt golf or attend a live play.
The weekly meetings and social events are attended by more
and more singles and always growing. Come join the fun!

After looking through our website you still have questions
please feel free to call us at 234-417-4433.
A summertime camping and canoe trip at Mohican State Park is a good example of the fun
you can have in Montrose Singles.