Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the age range?
A) The age range is 50’s to 60’s and we do have a few singles older
than their 60’s.

Q) What can I do if I feel uncomfortable  coming to the first meeting
by myself?
A) That feeling is not really uncommon, you can invite a single friend to
come with you or if you don’t have anyone to come with you call us at
234-417-4433 and let us know, we’ll arrange for you to have a coffee
or coke with one of our members of the group before hand so you will
know someone before you get to a meeting, it works really well.

Q) Is this like a dating service?
A) NO! We don’t match people up. This group provides a place for
singles to meet, have fun, learn new things and share friendship and
fellowship. Yes, there have been singles that have met, dated and
married someone from the group, which is great, and if your looking
for someone we hope you’ll find them here, but again this is not a
dating service.

Q) What does the Montrose Singles do on an average Friday night?
A) They do a lot of different things like, covered dish dinners,
dances, fun nights, mixer nights, game nights, discussions, comedy
nights and a lot more.

Q) How many people are at these meetings
A) It really varies depending on time of year and what the group is
doing that night, it can be anywhere from 10 to 65 people.